Languages and Statistics

Napizia was a mythical center of learning founded by the Phocaeans in Magna Graecia. The engineers who studied science and mathematics at Napizia built ships that sailed the Mediterranean and temples that you can still visit today.

Over time, the city continued to attract scholars from around the world, so as you stroll the streets of Napizia today, you will hear many languages.

The R language is common among people who create charts and graphs, run regressions and create cross-tabulations.

The Perl language is common among people who read and write data (e.g. from a database to a spreadsheet) because Perl has a flexible data structure and makes it easy to identify and edit patterns in text.

In my own work, I am using Perl to annotate the Sicilian language. And I use R for natural language processing.

If you enjoy language like I do, then come to Napizia to learn more. Here you will find examples of Perl language and R language that I might write for you.

I also offer group and individual instruction. To get in touch with me, please send me an email.