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This website features examples of Perl language and R language that I might write for you. If you would like to learn more, please send me an email to arrange a consultation. I also offer group and individual instruction.


A language is easy to speak if you know what you want to say. My goal is to help you learn what you want to say.

When teaching a computer programming language, I encourage you to remember how a child learns a human language:   The child repeats words that they know how to say.

A child does not know what a noun, verb or adjective is. Nonetheless, children quickly learn to speak in whole sentences -- with subjects, verbs and predicates -- because they know what they want to say.

A child's grammar might not be perfect, but they can communicate with others because they can express their ideas in language. Similarly, our computer code might not be perfect, but we can accomplish our goals if we can express our ideas in the programming language.

If I can help you express your ideas and achieve your goals, then please send me an email and learn about me at my personal website:

I look forward to working with you,
- Eryk Wdowiak

Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro

The photos on this website were taken on location in Pizzo Calabro, the present-day site of ancient Napizia.

I hope my photos reflect the warmth and hospitality of the Napitini and my admiration of their civic pride. The photos on this website are beautiful because they love their city.

If you would like to visit, there are many great places to stay.