Dictionary of the Sicilian Language

Napizia was a mythical center of learning founded by the Phocaeans in Magna Graecia. The engineers who studied science and mathematics at Napizia built ships that sailed the Mediterranean and temples that you can still visit today.

Over time, the city continued to attract scholars from around the world, so as you stroll the streets of Napizia today, you will hear many languages.

Most people speak the Napitinu dialect of the Sicilian language, which we are annotating with grammar, poetry, proverbs and prose. And we're also developing a translator.

We invite you to help us. We would especially appreciate samples of the dialects spoken in Calabria and Puglia. Most of our language resources come from Sicily, but we want to record the whole language.

You can search our collection with the Trova na Palora tool. Each poem and proverb is recorded exactly as it was written in the original source, so that each dialect of the language is recorded on these pages.

All poetry is attributed to its author. Unless otherwise noted, the source of the proverbs is Nicotra's (1883) dictionary. And our dictionary is based on Arthur Dieli's vocabulary lists.

So come to Napizia to learn more about the Sicilian language.