Dictionary of the Sicilian Language

Welcome to Napizia, where we're developing a dictionary and translator for the language of poetry, the language spoken by the people of Sicily, Calabria and Puglia.

The townspeople here speak the Napitinu dialect of the Sicilian language, which we are annotating with grammar, proverbs, poetry, prose and examples.

You can search our collection with the Trova na Palora tool. Each poem and proverb is recorded exactly as it was written in the original source, so that each dialect of the language is recorded on these pages.

All poetry is attributed to its author. Unless otherwise noted, the proverbs come from Nicotra's (1883) dictionary. And our dictionary is based on Arthur Dieli's vocabulary lists.

Our translator translates simple sentences fairly well, but it's still in a developmental stage. Quality will improve over time as we give the machine more examples to learn from.

The training data was kindly supplied by Arba Sicula and Arthur Dieli along with their warm support and assistance.

We invite you to help us too. Most of our language resources come from Sicily, so we would especially appreciate samples of the dialects spoken in Calabria and Puglia.

So come to Napizia and join us in our study of the language.